Frankonia’s innovative range of positioning devices is entirely compatible with the EMC chamber environment. Using a new optical communication bus, the system provides the possibility to control up to 15 devices along a single duplex fiber optic.

FTM-Turntables with electrical contact to the ground plane of semi-anechoic chambers or with intermediate table for fully-anechoic chambers
Frankonia offers a wide range of turntables which are fully compliant with the EMC chamber environment. The turntables are available in different sizes and with different options.

EMC and RF-measurements require that the used test table does not affect the measurements being taken. The EMC test tables from Frankonia are designed in accordance with CISPR 22 requirements. Frankonia�s low dielectric constant, low reflexion tables are manufactured from a styrene polymer called Styropor ESP37. The table surfaces are clad in PVC while the grid surface allows accurate positioning of the EUT. The rectangular test tables are available in a wide range of sizes as stated below. The EMC test tables can support a EUT load of up to 200 kg.

The Frankonia audio system FAS 3.0 is able to work and guarantee high quality communications in any strong environment during EMI or EMS tests. The FAS 3.0 system is made of passive components inside the chamber, so they are not affected by high field strengths and don’t generatemany emission according to CISPR22. Developed in collaboration with automotive EMC labs, this system passes successfully all the requirements.


Based on high quality components the FAS 3.0 is a full duplex system and guarantees a frequency response closed to HiFi requirements. (Very sensible with a signal/rate > 89 dB and a distortion rate of 0.007 %).High power speakers are installed into the chamber.

FOC S – Frankonias Shielded Box for Optical Converters
Frankonia integrates any type of optical converters according to your request.
In order to avoid the generation of any additional noise when installing such
equipments into a chamber, Frankonia delivers the part of optical converter
into a shielded and filtered universal box located under the ground plane of
the chamber.


Shielded high quality CCTV dome, including pan, tilt and zoom FCS is ideal for
any kind of shielded rooms and anechoic chambers. Using a single phase power supply, 1 multimode fibre optics with ST connectors, this CCTV equipment can be installed anywhere within your facility.

General description
The FMC can be used for optical and acoustical monitoring of devices under test during EMC measurements. The camera has an integrated microphone and a stereo line IN and can be set via an external setup LCD and eight buttons on the case or via remote control. With the optical transmission and the shielded case, the camera is well equipped for EMC tests.

Sophisticated control
The FMC offers full remote control possibilities available on the front panel of the controller. In order to facilitate the camera setup, all camera commands are also available on the rear side of the camera module. The display adjustment can be controlled on a removable mini LCD screen powered by the camera itself.


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