The Model 118ACX-UPC1 is the latest addition to Pacific Power Source’s line of Manual and Programmable AC Power Sources. Providing universal AC input connectivity, high power density, and advanced programmable features ability required for all, single phase and AC Power Source applications.

Power Source Specification

Output Frequency: 
15 to 1,200Hz Full Power

Line Regulation: 
0.1% Max ± 10% line change

Load Regulation: 
0.25% 15 to 400Hz - 0.50% 400 to 1,200 Hz. Improves to less than 0.1% with external sense and CSC enabled

Output Distortion: 
0.25% THDAVG 15 to 200Hz
0.50% THDAVG 200 to 1,200Hz

Ripple and Noise: 

Response Time: 
60 microseconds typical, 10-90% load step

Mechanical Specifications

3.5"/88mm x 16.75"/426mm x 23.62"/600mm (excluding rack kit and TB cover)


Side intake with rear exhaust

Input Connection: 
Compression terminals with strain relief. Optional power cables available.

UPC Series Controller Specifications

Range: 15 to 1200 Hz
Resolution: 4 significant digits, e.g. 50.00, 400.0
Accuracy: ± 0.01%, 15 to 1200 Hz


Range: 0 to Vmax
Resolution: 0.1 Vac steps
Accuracy: ± 0.2% of range + Cal. ref. 


Current Limit: 
Range: 0 to 50Apeak Max
Resolution:± 0.05%
Accuracy:±3%, FS 


Waveform Library: 
The UPC programmable controller contains waveform libraries which store 22 executable waveforms in Non-Volatile RAM. Waveforms are editable via the front panel, bus command or using the software UPC Studio.

Measures True Power (kW), Apparent Power (kVA) and power factor. Range: Based on ammeter. Resolution: 1.0 watts or VA to front panel, 1.0 watts or VA to remote interface.

Power Factor: 
Calculated and displayed to three significant digits.

Expanding the AC Power Source into an Automated Test System

Pacific’s line of Smartsource® AC Power Sources enable the engineer to easily automate his testing by using UPC Interactive LabVIEW. An extensive list of Virtual Instruments (VIs) are offered for Pacific’s ACX Series Power Sources.


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