When power quality matters, the AMX Series family of High Performance Linear AC Power Sources is the answer.  The linear amplifiers within the AMX Series power sources are unmatched in their ability to produce the high crest factor, low-distortion, high fidelity output waveforms required by the most demanding AC Test Power applications.  Stand-alone models range from 500 VA to 6 kVA.  Larger chassis may be paralleled to create systems that range from 9 to 30 kVA.  Offering both single and three phase models, units are conservatively designed with output power ratings are based on the most severe combination of input line, output voltage, power factor, and temperature. 
Great emphasis has been placed on low acoustic noise, ease of installation, and safety. Control and operating features provide a high degree of application versatility and ease of use for the test engineer. Applications range from simple, manually controlled frequency conversion to power-line susceptibility testing and sophisticated bus programmable transient simulation.
The exceptionally broad bandwidth (50 kHz small signal), combined with low output impedance and high crest factor ratings give the AMX Series the ability to produce high quality, low distortion output power into the most dynamic loads

Take Control of Your AC Power.

The AMX Series is a family of High Performance Linear AC power sources covering the power range from 500 VA to 12 kVA with standard models and up to 30 kVA with optional M5283 option. 

Power Source specification

Output Frequency:

20 to 5000 Hz. Full Power 


Line Regulation:  

0.1% max for a 10% line change 


Load Regulation:
0.25% 20 to 2000 Hz. 0.5% 2000 to 5000 Hz. Can be improved to less than 0.03% with CSC engaged


Output Distortion:
0.1% THD from 20 to 1000 Hz 0.25% THD from 1000 to 5000 Hz 


Ripple and Noise:  

-72 dB 


Response Time:
5µsec. typical to a step load change. Small signal band-width is 5 Hz. to 50 kHz, typical.

UPC Controller Specifications

The UPC controller is essentially a single or three phase AC arbitrary waveform generator and Precision AC metering system. The waveform for each phase may be independently selected and may be independently varied in amplitude and phase angle with respect to phase A (3 phase systems). 


The UPC output metering samples the output volts and amps at 512 samples per measurement using a 12 bit A/D converter. This technique provides exceptional metering accuracy and resolution (20 bits), and delivers a high-fidelity waveform back to a host computer for analysis. 


The UPC includes a remote GPIB interface compatible with IEEE 488.2 and SCPI. An available option is an RS-232 serial port that operates up to 38.4 kBaud. 


20.00 to 5000 Hz ±0.01% 


Voltage (Direct):
Programmable, 0-VMAX, in 0.1 volt steps (see table).


Phase Angle:
Phase Angle (f) of Phases B and C relative to Phase A is programmable from 0-359° in 1° increments ± 0.5°.


Current Limit:
Current limit is programmable from 0 to I peak maximum of the power source. Accuracy is ± 1%, resolution ± 0.05%.


Waveform Library:
Stores up to 15 waveforms that can be edited and executed in any manner and in any output phase. 


Range: 0-354 volts L-N, 0-708 volts L-L

Resolution: 0.10VAC to front panel, 0.001VAC to remote interface
Accuracy: ± 0.25% of reading ± 0.1% of range (50-500Hz) 


Range: 300% of system current rating
Resolution: 0.01AAC to front panel, 0.001AAC to remote interface
Accuracy: ± 0.25% of reading ± 0.1% of range (50-500Hz) 


Power Meter:
Range: Based on ammeter range
Resolution: 1.0 watts or VA to front panel, 0.001 Watts or VA to remote interface
Accuracy: ± 1% of Full Scale 


Power Factor & Crest Factor:
Calculated and displayed to three significant digits.

Expanding the AC Power Source into an Automated Test System

Pacific’s line of Smartsource® AC Power Sources enable the engineer to simply automate his testing by using Lab VIEW for Windows® or LabWindows®. An extensive list of Virtual Instruments (VIs) are offered for Pacific’s AMX Series Power Sources. 

Manual Control of AC Power

Provide easy manual control with Pacific’s UMC-31 Manual AC Power Controller.
Obtain precision frequency and phase conversion for manufacturing and test.
Provide high quality, general purpose lab power where test versatility is required.
Achieve low cost and power form flexibility for power supply tests.
The UMC-31 provides operational control and high quality oscillator signals for both single and three phase Power Sources.


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