The ASX Series is a family of fully featured, single and three phase AC Power Sources. Available models range from 1.5kVA to 12kVA with either Manual or Programmable Control. Cost effective and fully programmable for both basic frequency conversion and advanced AC power line disturbance test applications. 

The ASX Series is a family of High Performance Switching AC Power Sources covering the power range from 1.5kVA to 12kVA. The product line offers both single and three phase models. Units are conservatively designed and output power ratings are based on the most severe combination of input line, output voltage, power factor, and temperature. 

Great emphasis has been placed on low acoustic noise, ease of installation, and maximum power per cubic inch of rack space. Control and operational features provide a high degree of application versatility and ease of use for the test engineer. Applications range from simple, manually controlled frequency conversion to harmonic testing and sophisticated bus programmable transient simulation. Power conversion within the ASX Series is achieved by high frequency pulse width modulation, resulting in cool, quiet and efficient operation.

Power Source Specification

Output Frequency:
15 to 1,200 Hz. Full Power


Line Regulation:
0.1% max for a ±10% line change.


Load Regulation:
0.25% 15 to 400 Hz., 0.50% 400 to 1,200 Hz. With external sense enabled. Improves to less than 0.1% with external sense and CSC enabled.


Output Distortion: 
0.25% THD 15 to 200 Hz., 0.50% THD 200 to 1,200 Hz.
Ripple and Noise:

-66 dB
Response Time:  

60 microseconds typical, 10-90% load step.

Mechanical Specifications

All models are designed for operation in 19 inch equipment racks. Models 4 kVA and higher have side handles for ease of handling.


Standard 19 inch rack. Slide rails are available as an option for all models.
See model table above for panel height.


Approximately 24 inch, from the front panel to the rear of the chassis.


Front or side forced air intake with rear exhaust. Automatic Fan Speed Control for low acoustic noise and extended fan life.

Dual Range Output Magnetics Options

ASX Series Power Sources can be equipped with output transformers to provide an alternate output voltage range. Selection of direct or transformer coupled range is performed by the controller via front panel or bus command. The standard frequency range for transformer coupled outputs is 45 to 1,200 Hz. Standard output ratios are 1.5:1, 2.0:1, and 2.5:1. Transformer outputs are supplied internally or externally via a Magnetics Module as listed in the above table. Consult the factory for additional information regarding special output ranges not listed above.

UPC Series Controller Specifications

The latest additions to Pacific’s SmartsourceT family of UPC Controllers are the UPC-1M, UPC-3M, UPC-1 and UPC-3. The UPC Controller is a modular component of the ASX Series and is available in four configurations ranging from 1 Phase to 3 Phase and Manual Control to Programmable Control. The table below lists each model according to key features.
All UPC Controllers include precise metering functions with data displayed via a 160 character LCD display. This, along with the 30-key front panel, provides the industry’s most powerful and user-friendly controller.
The UPC-1 and UPC-3 controllers are available with either the RS-232 or GPIB remote interface. Commands are structured in accordance with SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments). The RS-232 serial port operates up to 38.4 Bps. The GPIB interface is compatible with the IEEE-488.2.


Range: 15 to 1,200 Hz.
Resolution: 4 significant digits, eg. 50.00, 400.0, etc.
Accuracy: ±0.01%, 15 to 1,200 Hz

Range: 0 to Vmax in 0.1 VAC steps.
Accuracy: Executive voltage is within ±50 mVAC (0.05%) of command voltage referenced to the internal voltmeter with CSC engaged.
Phase Angle:
Phase Separation of Phases B and C are programmable 0 to 360° relative to phase A on the UPC-3 controller. Phase separation is fixed at 120° and 240°, respectively, on the UPC-3M controller.
Programmable Current Limit:
Programmable Current limit is provided on the UPC-1 and the UPC-3 controllers. Programmable range is from 0 to Ipeak, max of the power source.
Output Voltmeter:
The Output Voltmeter is true RMS reading and each phase is measured independently. Line to neutral and line to line voltages are displayed. Range: 0-354 VACL-N, 0-708 VACL-L. Resolution: 0.1 VAC to front panel, 0.001 VAC to remote interface. Accuracy: ±0.2% of range + cal. ref.
Output Ammeter:
Output Ammeter is true RMS reading and each phase is measured independently. RMS and peak currents along with Crest factor are displayed. Range: 300% of system current rating. Resolution: 0.01 AAC to front panel, 0.001 AAC to remote interface. Accuracy: ±0.2% of range + cal ref.
Measures True Power (kW), Apparent Power (kVA) and power factor. Range: Based on ammeter. Resolution: 1.0 watts or VA to front panel, 1.0 watts or VA to remote interface.
Power Factor:

Calculated and displayed to three significant digits.

Expanding the AC Power Source into an Automated Test System 

Pacific’s line of Smartsource® AC Power Sources enable the engineer to easily automate his testing by using Lab VIEW for Windows® or LabWindows®. An extensive list of Virtual Instruments (VIs) are offered for Pacific’s ASX Series Power Sources.


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