Automotive Testing Chamber

Prove your product’s quality and protect your vehicle brand with testing chamber. We have experience in automotive compliance testing, with the capabilities and expertise to evaluate your product’s performance and shorten your time to market. 


Automotive Test Systems is a leading supplier in the fields of engine test systems, driveline test systems, brake test systems, wind tunnel balances and emissions test systems. More than just the world's leading supplier of emissions testing systems, PNK is able to provide total solutions to its customers, with full turnkey capability.

  • Test Exhaust from Motorcycle

  • Test Exhaust from Gasoline Engine

  • Test Exhaust from Small Diesel Engine

  • Test Exhaust from Big Diesel Engine

  • Test Environments (Thermal, Vibration, Weathering Test)

Automotive Temperature Shielded Room

Shield Room with ferrite for radio sensitivity testing

  • Test EMC Noise from Motorcycle

  • Test Radio Sensitivity from car radios

  • Test interference from wiper, electric door, electric chair

  • Test sensitivity of car antenna and GPS system


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