T4-03 BALL PRESSURE TEST APPARATUS is designed and manufactured in compliance with IEC 60695-10-2, 60335-1, 60950-1, 60884-1, 60320-1, 60598-1, 61010, 61032, 60439-5, IEC 60601-1, BS 1363-1, IRAM 2073, 4220-1 NM, BIS, UL 2601-1, CSA 60745, VDE, BSI, DIN, EN.


T4-03 BALL PRESSURE TEST APPARATUS is intended for testing parts of non-metallic materials for resistance to heat. It is applicable to electrotechnical equipment, its subassemblies and components, and to solid electrical insulating materials except ceramics. It is 5 mm hardened steel ball with weights that exert a force of 20 N on the surface of tested sample. A suitable support for tested sample is also enclosed. The test sample shall be positioned on the support, heated up in an oven and than loaded with ball pressure test apparatus. After required period, the sample is taken out of chamber, immersed in cold water and then indentation is measured. In some cases this test is long, or multiple samples shall be checked, therefore in such cases it is practical to test multiple samples at the same time – so more than one apparatus might be needed for parallel testing.


  • Anodised aluminium support for better heat conductivity

  • Ball part is made of special gauge steel

  • Horizontal rod made of stainless steel
    Ball part is engraved with catalogue number and serial number, to enable its traceability and certification 


BALL PRESSURE TEST APPARATUS made of different materials: the ball part is made of special gauge steel DIN 17006 - 90MnCrV8; AISI O2, W. Nr. 1.2842, This is high quality, high strength steel, with long term dimensional stability, resistance to cracking, high machinability, and great resistance to wear and can be hardened up to 65 HRC. Horizontal rod is made of stainless steel, weights are made of brass and are nickel plated, the support is made of anodized aluminium. T4-03 is packed in wooden box with transparent cover (Plexiglas) and with inscription plate that indicate conformity with standard. It is intended for use in chamber so all materials are so selected that they can continuously withstand high temperatures.


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