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International directives and standards are very strict about the quality, the performance and the safety of a product on the market. Insufficient, wrong or obsolete EMC tests and faulty or incomplete documentation may result in expensive consequences. There is no doubt; any manufacturer is kept liable for damages of all kind and for the production downtimes of his customers caused by any of his products in the field failing due to EMC problems. Hence EMC testing should be seriously considered as an important task. It should not been see as a pain in the neck but as a part of a product's quality.

Not all maunfacturers have a sufficient knowledge in EMC nor have their own test equipment at hand already. For this reason, the EM TEST testing laboratories and engineers offer you all the support needed for what ever EMC related task. With our many years of experience we can guide you from the first design stage to the fully-compliant product.

Team up with EM TEST - and you have the EMC expertise in your boat.

EMC Testing

What do I need to do EMC tests for?


The reason for EMC testing and certification is not to satisfy bureaucratic requirements by presenting documents and attaching the CE mark based on positive test results - There are the legal aspects and the technical reliability of products and the safety of the users and of all commercial and marketing parties involved that are rather the main reasons for EMC testing. Quality and proper function in its environment at any time, at any place in the world, are the key targets of today's industrial production.


From the very begining, and in parallel with the development of a product, EM TEST provides consultancy and customized service you may need for a safe ande EMC-proof product. Our experts and our labs are at your side to achieve the results allowing to claim compliance of your product and to assure that your product is a quality product susceptible enough to withstand the rough EMC conditions in the field.

EMC is not a need, it is a must under the aspect of quality. EMC is not expensive if it is properly considered as a part of the product development.

Improving interference susceptibility



Can you develop an EMC-proof product in one shot? Of course, you can! A carefuly consideration of EMC design aspects right from the first idea and the consequent application of the related guidelines will avoid expensive and time-consuming redesigns and corrective measures.

EM TEST experts offer their technical know-how to achieve EMC-proof and economic solutions for your products. Based on experience and test results tailor-made design measures are taken to get the desired results. The final layout and assembly is then tested to proof the required performance of your product - certified quality.


Some good advice to start with


Seeking advice and support from an external party for product development support is a matter of confidence. With EM TEST, EMC experts for all industrial and automotive fields, will support you from the beginning - and to the successful end. In all phases of the project of your product, we will support you providing technical coaching and constructive measures, for example in:


- Layout optimization
- Design of appliances and power supply units
- Grounding and shielding concepts
- Micro-processor board design

Individual Testing Solutions

There are no uniform solutions


EMC compliance is not just something nice to have - it is definitely a must, in any case. To provide the best support EM TEST have introduced an individual testing service according to customer's needs, matched to the product that needs to be tested. Whether it is a matter of partial or special measurements - nothing is too difficult for the EM TEST engineers in the excellently equipped EM TEST laboratories. And of course, we offer the entire range of immunity and emission tests, not only in our laboratories but also on-site if the product's size and complexity requires. By the way, on-site means anywhere around the world.

Testing capabilities

Three test sites at your service


With three different (large) test sites, EM TEST Germany provides a state-of-the-art testing environment for immunity and emission tests both radiated and conducted.
Product testing can easily take a couple of days. EM TEST is well prepared for such test tasks to carry our testing in combination with consultancy and design improvement as well as complete product tests for certification.

Test site 1


Large shielded enclosure for conducted measurements (interference immunity against pulses and conducted interference emission)


Test site 2


Shielded room for calibration services, comparative measurements on various products in parallel and measurements during the development phase. Also used for long-duration tests


Test site 3


Absorber hall for radiated measurements (interference immunity, interference emission)

Seminars & Workshops

Up-to-date information and know-how directly from the EMC experts ...


... this is what the emc-seminars from EM TEST provide.


Our seminars as well as our one-day workshops fit the demands of engineers in the fields of research, development, and production. They provide the concentrated and comprehensive knowledge that demanding customers desire.


It doesn't matter whether you want to conduct tests yourself, seek advice for a development or discuss the results of tests already made.


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