The G Series provides switch selectable AC Power for the most demanding applications. G Series Systems are readily configurable as frequency converters, line conditioners, programmable test systems, and uninterruptible power systems. Power modules provide output frequencies up to 2,000 Hz (5,000 Hz optional). Modules have excellent peak current capability and are short circuit protected with auto recovery.

Electrical specification

Output Power:

See model listings for appropriate full power ratings.


Output Voltage:
Nominal system voltage is 125 VL-N three phase or single phase. Output voltage is fully adjustable from 0-125 VL-N. Three phase forms are configured as WYE and are capable of being loaded either DELTA or WYE.


Alternate Output Voltage:  

For output forms other than the nominal 125 VL-N refer to System Block Diagram.


Output Frequency:  

Standard with SCU/UPC 32 Programmable: 45-2000 Hz (45-5000 Hz is an option).


Output Current:  

See model listings. Peak currents listed are available at the crest of the voltage sinewave for driving inverter or power supply loads without distortion or limiting.


Load Power Factor:  

Output will drive loads of any power factor leading or lagging.


Load Balance Restriction:  

None - all performance specifications apply with any amount of load imbalance.


Load Transient Response:  

120-GR, 10 microseconds maximum. Applies to a 100% step change in load, any phase, or any combination of phases.


1 Phase/3 Phase Operation:  

A manual switch allows conversion from 1 phase power forms to 3 phase power forms, instantly. 3 phase systems may be loaded either as WYE or DELTA.
Input Power Forms:
The G-Series power source is capable of operating from any of the listed input power forms:
Form A:  240 VAC, 3 DELTA, 47-63Hz. .
Form C:  120/208 VAC, 3 WYE, 47-63 Hz. .
Form D:  460 VAC, 3 DELTA, .
3 Ungrounded WYE, 47-63 Hz. .
Other power forms are available; consult factory..
Failure Isolation System:
Any failed output device, multiple devices or power module is electronically disconnected from system output. Failure location is identified by service lamps and diagnostic meter on each power module. Service can be provided when convenient by replacing power modules. Power modules can be replaced WITHOUT system shutdown and without disturbances to system operation.


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