Mesh Room (Faraday Cage)

A Faraday cage is best understood as an approximation to an ideal hollow conductor. Externally or internally applied electromagnetic fields produce forces on the charge carriers (usually electrons) within the conductor; the charges are redistributed accordingly (that is, electric currents are generated). Once the charges have rearranged so as to cancel the applied field inside, the currents stop.
If a charge is placed inside an ungrounded Faraday cage, the internal face of the cage becomes charged (in the same manner described for an external charge) to prevent the existence of a field inside the body of the cage. However, this charging of the inner face re-distributes the charges in the body of the cage. This charges the outer face of the cage with a charge equal in sign and magnitude to the one placed inside the cage. Since the internal charge and the inner face cancel each other out, the spread of charges on the outer face is not affected by the position of the internal charge inside the cage. So for all intents and purposes, the cage generates the same DC electric field that it would generate if it were simply affected by the charge placed inside. The same is not true for electromagnetic waves.
If the cage is grounded, the excess charges will go to the ground instead of the outer face, so the inner face and the inner charge will cancel each other out and the rest of the cage will retain a neutral charge.
Effectiveness of shielding of a static electric field depends upon the geometry of the conductive material. In the case of a nonlinear varying electric field, and hence an accompanying varying magnetic field, the faster the variations are (i.e., the higher the frequencies), the better the material resists penetration, but on the other hand, the better it passes through a mesh of given size. In this case the shielding also depends on the electrical conductivity of the conductive materials used in the cages, as well as their thicknesses.

PNK offers low cost Mesh Shield room which covers a large range of electromagnetic frequencies ,in the Low frequency Spectrum and we also cover high frequency Radio Frequency to be discussed in the Radio Frequency testing section.


The Copper Screen Shielded Room offers convenient features and high performance levels, this copper screen room is ideal for testing electronics such as pagers, personal communications devices, two-way radios, computer equipment, medical devices, automotive components, and military equipment. 
With  standard sizes to choose from, the Copper Screen Room can be utilized in almost any type of manufacturing or testing environment. The design consists of a double-layer  copper screen with steel framing and steel-clad structural panels. The room provides excellent attenuation to magnetic fields, electric fields and plane waves. 


The double layer of  copper screen mesh weave to deliver excellent attenuation levels on the upper half of the wall panels. The lower half of the walls, floors and ceiling panels are constructed using our standard panel construction. 

Copper is highly recommended for use in shielded screen rooms due to its conductivity and oxidation properties. At the same time, a copper screen mesh affords “hear-through, see-through” advantages.

Key Features 

  • "Hat & Flat" clamping system for shield integrity

  • Door offers secure fit 

    • Knife Edge Construction 

    • Recessed Contact Mechanism 

    • Easy to Maintain 

  • Perform conducted emissions and radiated emissions pre-screen testing

  • Copper screen allows for easy visual and verbal communications

Shielding Applications

  • EMC Product Compliance Testing 

  • Instrumentation Repair and Calibration

  • Production and Quality Product Line Testing

  • Cellular and Paging Service Centers

  • High Voltage Test Labs 

  • Secure Computer Rooms

  • Wireless Product Testing 

  • Metrology Labs

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 

  • Medical Equipment and Instrumentation

  • Biomedical Engineering Labs 

  • Embassies and Consulates 

  • TEMPEST Security Areas


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