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Various Systems

Our experienced and highly qualified engineering team enables Innco systems to offer a wide range of possibilities to design positioning systems according to your specifications or measurement applications.


The control of the system, singular or complex can be realized with our standard CO3000 controller, which allows connections to your measurement systems by GPIB or LAN.


Our solutions provide optimized EMC performances, using specially design shielded drive units, which provide the required 20dB below the limit line of CISPR 22 Class B.


EMC or non-EMC applications are possible – just contact us.

CP-MP Produktbild.jpg


>     CP1500-MP

Key Facts

  • Max. Antenna Weight 0.5kg

  • Min. Positioning Speed ~0.19°/s

  • Max. Positioning Speed ~3.8°/s

  • Moving Range per Slide -90° to +96,4°


Linear positioner VSWR

Key Facts

  • 15 m horizontal movement range

  • Manual height adjustment

  • 0.8...2.3 m height adjustment

  • 6 kg load



>     XYZ120815

Key Facts

  • movement X-axis 700 mm

  • movement Y-axis 1200 mm

  • movement Z-axis 1000 mm

  • total height 1501 mm

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