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Positioning Systems for EMC Business

innco systems GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of positioning systems for EMC (EMI and EMS) measurement systems, including HF, Wireless, Antenna and Anechoic Chamber applications.


With more than 20 years experience as an independent supplier, Innco Systems use only the very best quality materials and the latest technological designs in its products. This combination allows Innco to offer high accuracy, speed of rotation and tolerance in all of its products.


Combining our in-house design capabilities, software programming and extensive experience, we have the capability to support our products and to provide services to the market. Our worldwide partners and distributors help to support our services to the customers. We can provide local support and online support, assisting the customer to better serve their markets and their customers.

1 Turntables.png


Innco systems turntables are designed to be installed for surface mounting, free space environments or integrated, as part of a raised ground plane floor system.

4 3D Measuring Systems.jpg

3D Measuring Systems

Measurement systems for mobile, laptops, tablets and other specific electronic equipment, can be achieved using hi-tech materials, such as Rohacell (as used in Aerospace Industry).

7 Dynamometer.png


Innco Systems EMC Chassis Dynamometer Systems (sometimes referred to as a ‘’rolling road’’), used in the development and homologation for Automotive Industry, are specifically designed to be used in Anechoic Chambers.

10 Antenna Adapter.png

Antenna Adapter

Antenna adapters for all standard antennas are available. Nonstandard are also available upon request. The adapter materials are designed to provide stability, with the lowest possible weight.

2 Antenna Masts.png

Antenna Masts

Antenna Masts are an integral part of EMC and RF measurement systems.  Innco system masts are renowned worldwide as the standard benchmark.

5 Accessories.png


Innco systems offers a wide range of accessories for your EMC test and measurement systems. Low reflective test tables, wall mounting brackets, projector screens, portable cooling systems, portable exhaust systems and much more.

8 Various Systems.png

Various Systems

Our experienced and highly qualified engineering team enables Innco systems to offer a wide range of possibilities to design positioning systems according to your specifications or measurement applications.

11 Cable Slide Bar.jpg

Cable Slide Bar

Our absorbing clamp slide rail systems are designed for automatic measurement of radiated emissions on cables, according to CISPR 13, CISPR 14-1 and EN 50083-2 international standards.

3 Antenna Stands.png

Antenna Stands

Our manual height Antenna Stands are specifically designed to be used in EMC and Antenna facilities, for measurements at a fixed height.

6 Controllers.png


The introduction of our new CO3000 controller combines more than 20 years of experience, with research and development, taking into consideration feedback from existing new and existing customers.

9 Field Probe Positioner.jpg

Field Probe Positioner

The Field Probe Positioner FSM2315 is designed for the automation of the 16 point measurement, according to IEC/EN 61000-4-3. The system provides X and Y axis positions for continuous and step by step movement for the filed probe, 0.8m above the floor and with a 1.5m x 1.5m area, for the 16 sensor positions.

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