Innco Systems EMC Chassis Dynamometer Systems (sometimes referred to as a ‘’rolling road’’), used in the development and homologation for Automotive Industry, are specifically designed to be used in Anechoic Chambers.


EMC measurements are the main aspect of the design and control systems.  We have developed over several years unique designs including a ‘’Zero Emissions’’ system.


We have two main systems, for integration into a turntable or as ‘’Free Standing’’ design which can be transported into and out of the EMC facility. The systems can be designed for front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, four wheel drive and free wheel drive types. The newly developed DynamPro 4.0 software provides accurate and simple operations for all systems.


Our solutions provide optimized EMC performances, using specially design shielded drive units, which provide the required 20dB below the limit line of CISPR 22 Class B.

Integrated dynamometers

Free standing dynamometers

>     RPS40-100-5-F


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