Shielded Room

Modular and Prefabricated Standard



Frequency range

EN 50147-1
(IEEE Std 299 optional)


10 kHz to 18/40 GHz

Frankonia shielded rooms and anechoic chambers are designed based on a modular construction system. Prefabricated high quality shielding panels guarantee a maximum of flexibility regarding possible dimensions. All PAN type modules allow for easy handling and entry via standard building doors. The standard modules are bolted from inside every 75,0 mm with high conductivity mesh gasket inserted for sealing the joints of the panels. This facilitates an installation close to the walls of the parent building. The small screwing distance and the precise tightening of the screws with predefined torque guarantee long life shielding attenuation characteristics.


>     Modular and prefabricated standard

>     PAN TYPE shielding modules

>     Prefabricated and modular shielding panels made of 2,0 mm thick galvanized sheet steel

>     Self-supporting stability or with static steel structure for every seismic condition

>     Mounted from the inside

>     Interior finishing

>     Raised floor systems

>     Long life shielding attenuation characteristics

>     Nothing is glued or welded

>     Dismountable without any damage

>     Easy modifications and maintenance

>     A complete transfer or future modification is possible

Technical specifications

External dimension


Frequency range


Walls and Ceiling




To be defined


10 kHz to 18 GHz (40 GHz optional)


•     Interior finishing in various materials and colors
•     Acoustics damping
•     LED ambient lighting


•     Standard raised floor with vinyl flooring
•     Moisture protection below the shielding
•     Electrical isolation for shielding and steel structure
•     TEMPEST optional

Performance & Compliance

>     Shielding attenuation according to EN 50147-1 (guaranteed values)

>     IEEE Std 299 optional



10 kHz


00 kHz


1 MHz


100 MHz


400 MHz


1 GHz


18 GHz


40 GHz



≥ 80 dB


≥ 100 dB


≥ 100 dB


≥ 110 dB


≥ 110 dB


≥ 110 dB


≥ 90 dB


≥ 90 dB









Plane wave


Plane wave


Plane wave






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